Estate Assistance

Toronto Home Watch is a home watch, property management, and concierge company serving the Greater Toronto Area. Toronto Home Watch manages properties that are vacant to help homeowners, POAs and estate executors maintain the home and satisfy their homeowners’ insurance occupancy requirements for vacant and unoccupied homes.

The job of an Executor or POA involves a long list of tasks. In many cases, the home is their largest asset and a large percentage of an estate. Toronto Home Watch helps manage and maintain the home until it is ready to be sold so that the executor or POA can focus on other duties related to the file. Toronto Home Watch uses a personal approach, in addition to quick and open communication with all of our clients. All tasks are promptly handled while working within each client’s timeline.

We work with many institutional clients and have been able to add a personal touch while helping families through difficult times. Some services that we provide our clients are:

  • Weekly interior and exterior home checks with GPS-enabled online checklists to show that the home has been checked according to the insurer’s occupancy requirements
  • Remove perishable and food items immediately
  • Communicate with family to go through belongings in person, by video conference, or by phone. We’ve found valuable family heirlooms in our searches that we were able to pass along to the heirs.
  • Carefully package the items requested by the family and ship them to family members worldwide.
  • Turn firearms over to the proper authorities
  • Donate and acquire charitable donation receipts for the client or estate for other belongings, whenever possible
  • Empty remaining belongings to prepare home for sale
  • Perform or arrange for interior and exterior maintenance tasks
  • Perform or arrange for repairs required for the sale of a home or end of lease
  • Communicate with realtor (as chosen by client, family or institution) to prepare home for sale.
  • Prepare cars for sale, pick cars up from other locations, if needed
  • Any other additional tasks that are related to the file

Toronto Home Watch is insured and all our team members are bonded.

Whether your home in the GTA is a primary residence, vacation home, or rental property, leaving it unoccupied and unattended for long periods of time is never a good idea. Snow and water damage, mold and mildew and pest infestations are only a few of the many serious problems that can arise in an uninhabited house, condo, townhome, or apartment. Unnoticed and untreated, these issues only get worse.

Toronto Home Watch can help you avoid costly insurance claim denials if there is damage to your property while you are away from home. Our representatives will make scheduled visits to your home to check for any potential problems. If an issue does arise, our representative will contact you immediately to discuss the best options for dealing with the situation, thus eliminating the risk of additional damage and costs.