Spring Maintenance for a Worry-Free Summer

Now that our mild Spring weather has arrived, Torontonians may be inclined to kick back on their decks and enjoy a break from shoveling snow. After a harsh winter we do have to make sure to take in every ray of sunshine, but the warmer months are also a time to take care of some seasonal home maintenance tasks.

Now is the time to inspect our roof shingles, as well as out gutter and downspouts. The winter weather can take its toll on your roof and any missing shingles or damage should be repaired before more extensive damage can occur. Gutters and downspouts should be checked to make sure they are secure and clean. If your gutters are stuffed with leaves or damages, they can’t do their job and rain water from summer showers can flood your home causing massive damage.

Springtime is also the time to inspect all exterior faucets and your irrigation system. You’ll need to replace sprinkler heads that are damaged or missing, as well as make sure that none of your exterior pipes were damaged during the winter. Issues with broken pipes or damaged sprinkler heads can cause flooding in your home.


Inside your home you should have your air conditioning system serviced. It may be tempting to skip this service to save money, but even an AC system that seems to be working can be massively inefficient and cost homeowners more than the service cost in additional energy costs.


Being smart about your home maintenance will always pay off. Either performing these tasks by yourself or hiring a professional will help you avoid major problem in your home going forward

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