Toronto Home Watch Is Your Local On-Call Contact

Friends of ours were away overseas when their home security alarm went off. The alarm company called our friends’ daughter, who is one of their local contacts. The company informed their daughter that theyrock had sent a patrol car to the home. However, no sign of forced entry was visible,  so the company hypothesized that there must have been an electrical problem in the home that was causing the alarm to go off.

The daughter walked into the home to investigate. As soon as she entered the basement she was met by the sight of a rock in the middle of the floor along with a lot of broken glass.  A quick look around revealed that the window of the exterior basement door was smashed. Our friends were lucky that their noisy alarm had apparently scared away any would-be thieves, and that nothing was missing from the home.

Our friends are psmashed-door-glassaying a large premium to have their home monitored and patrolled by their security company, but when a problem actually arose the security company failed to investigate the matter properly. While security companies can send patrols to see if all is okay with the exterior of the home, they are often neither re
noticed, the security company often won’t be able to make the necessary arrangements to repair the damage. A monitored home alarm system is an important part of keeping your home secure, but having Toronto Home Watch as your local on-call alarm contact will ensure that if damage occurs it will be repaired. Toronto Home Watch will stay at your home until all repairs are completed and your home is secured.





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