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Toronto Home Watch Is Your Local On-Call Contact

Friends of ours were away overseas when their home security alarm went off. The alarm company called our friends’ daughter, who is one of their local contacts. The company informed their daughter that they had sent a patrol car to the home. However, no sign of forced entry was visible,  so the company hypothesized that
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Always Expect the Unexpected

A wise home inspector once told me, “in the war between man and water, water always wins.” This was very true for a client of mine this past weekend. My client is a snowbird, and is planning to travel down south this week while we check on her condo regularly. Last Friday night, a resident
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We Are Your Eyes and Ears When You’re Away

During home checks the first thing we do, before we enter a home, is a perimeter check to ensure there are no signs of forced entry. We want to make sure there are not broken windows or doors. If we ever encounter any sign of intruders we call the police to enter the home before
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Another Long Weekend, Another Adventure

During the Simcoe Day long weekend we drove to visit family in New York City. The weekend quickly turned into a mini family reunion as family members from all over the tri-state area came to join in the fun and we soon  ran out sleeping space.  Some hospitable neighbors who were away for the weekend
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But what can go wrong in the summertime?

By now, readers of this blog are well aware of the pitfalls of leaving their homes unattended during the harsh Toronto winter months. The good news is that when the temperature climbs we can stop worrying  about the possibility of frozen or burst pipes, below-freezing temperatures and slippery,  unshoveled walks. But being a homeowner means
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I couldn’t have made up a better story…

I couldn’t have made up a better story to show the value of hiring an accredited home watch company when you leave town. Unfortunately, this story is about members of my own family and happened just last weekend. (They live over 800 km from Toronto, so there wasn’t much I could do to help other
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Keeping Your Home and Belongings Secure With Home Watch

Were you ever curious about how burglars choose which homes to target?  Those experienced in the trade will tell you that the homes  are not chosen at random.  In an article that interviews convicted burglars we found some avoidable signs that burglars look for when “casing” a home. If it snows while you are away
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How Home Watch Can Protect Your Home This Winter

During the wintry holiday season, many Torontonians can’t wait to escape somewhere warmer (or maybe somewhere colder, since the Ontario ski season is looking to start a little late this year). The Friday before Christmas (yes, that’s in 2 days!) is one of the busiest travel days of the year at Pearson Airport. So you
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