But what can go wrong in the summertime?

By now, readers of this blog are well aware of the pitfalls of leaving their homes unattended during the harsh Toronto winter months. The good news is that when the temperature climbs we can stop worrying  about the possibility of frozen or burst pipes, below-freezing temperatures and slippery,  unshoveled walks.

But being a homeowner means you can never stop looking after your most important investment, regarOvergrown-Yarddless of the season. When leaving your home during the summer, it is still very important to hire a home watch company to check on your home in your absence, alert you if anything is amiss and deal with any issues while you are away.

Toronto Home Watch offers its clients peace of mind all year long. Upon arrival at their homes, we check the exterior for fallen tree branches, evidence of forced entry, animal or insect intrusion or issues with the roof or exterior. We will note if the grass or landscaping appears unkempt and will call the clients’ contractor if it seems it hasn’t been maintained as arranged (a neglected-looking lawn is a sign to intruders that the home may be unoccupied). Before entering a home we remove all junk mail and fliers from driveways and doorways, and then take in all other mail (untouched mail is a hint to intruders that a home may be unoccupied).

During our regularly scheduled inspections we run all indoor and outdoor faucets (and check inground s sprinkler systems) , flush all toilets and check hot water tanks, air conditioning units, washing machines and under all sinks to ensure no leaks have occurred.  Mold can begin to grow in warm weather in as little as 24 to 48 hours!

We always check and record the temperature of our clients’ homes and ensure that the HVAC system is operating properly and keeping the home at the desired temperature.  All smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors will be tested (unless they are directly connected to a monitoring station) to ensure they are working properly.  We replace batteries in thermostats, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors as needed. We check the inside of the home for signs of insect or rodent infestation and aljumping off a dockso check all major appliances (can you imagine the stench you would return home to if your fridge or freezer conked out while you were away?).

Winter-weary Torontonians welcome the warm summer weather, which is why we believe summer getaways should be carefree. We thank our customers for allowing     us to make that happen.

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