Another Long Weekend, Another Adventure

During the Simcoe Day long weekend we drove to visit family in New York City. The weekend quickly turned into a mini family reunion as family members from all over the tri-state area came to join in the fun and we soon  ran out sleeping space.  Some hospitable neighbors who were away for the weekend generously offered some bedrooms in their home for the weekend.  The home was in the midst of a  renovation, so there were workers milling in and out all day Friday. The last of the trades left at 6 p.m. Friday evening, to return after the weekend. At about 7 leaky ceiling 2p.m., just as we were about to go out for the evening, we entered the kitchen, and saw water dripping from the ceiling into their brand new kitchen floor! We quickly sprang into action to protect the home from further damage.

The homeowners thought that having workers in their home while they were away would help protect their home.   Unfortunately, the workers who were fixing the roof never went into the home to make sure the inside of the home was okay before leaving for the weekend, and the workers who were working inside had already left. A common mistake homeowners may make is depending on untrained people to check on their homes. A gardener, plumber, snow removal company or contractor may be excellent at their trade, but they are neither trained nor insured to check on your home when you are away.


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