Always Expect the Unexpected

A wise home inspector once told me, “in the war between man and water, water always wins.” This was very true for a client of mine this past weekend. My client is a snowbird, and is planning to travel down south this week while we check on her condo regularly. Last Friday night, a resident on the 6th floor of her building was running her washing machine, when water began to leak out of the machine. My client, who lives three floors below, had water coming in through her window frame. Her condo sustained significant damage and drywall had to be taken down to prevent mold growth and repair the damage.

My client was still in town when the damage occurred, but had she not been there we would have also discovered the leak during our checks.  We are also the local on-call contact for the building manager in case of an emergency while our client is away. What would have happened if our client was away when this happened, without having retained a home watch company and with no way to prevent mold growth or further damage to her condo?

Having a professional home watch company checking on your home can be help catch damage before it becomes a disaster! Another advantage our client has is that she doesn’t need to take the time to fully finish the repair before her planned trip. With Toronto Home Watch on her team, she can keep her travel plans and leave us to oversee the repairs properly.

Water damage in house after flooding with stains on the wall

Water damage in house after flooding with stains on the wall

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